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With every year that passes we grow more keenly aware of the interaction between small business, their suppliers, and the loyal customers that keep things moving. Your purchase impacts the Villainess staff on a very personal level - utility bills, cat food, groceries. Every order we process is deeply appreciated because we understand the investment of time and resources it represents.

Similarly, we want to impact other communities and small business owners with our purchases. We are proud to:

  • BeadforLife Work with Bead For Life "Nilotica" shea in our formulations. Bead for Life improves the quality of life for the displaced women of Uganda. Creating fair-trade work for women in Uganda creates a livelihood for entire families, and we are thrilled that the Bead for Life initiative has provided a way for us to support their efforts. East African shea butter, with its superior skinfeel, now makes an appearance in our classic luxury Soap. We are honoured to participate in this initiative, and thrilled that purchases we were already making can impact the quality of life for so many women.

  • Purchase only organic, sustainably harvested Palm Oil for our soaps. With increasing customer concerns about deforestation and displaced orangutan populations, we made it a priority to source sustainable palm from a nearby importer (one who could reach us without cross-country fossil fuel consumption - our Palm travels a mere 500 miles). We are thrilled to make this small contribution towards preserving our natural resources!

  • Minimise our packing supply purchases. We reuse every inch of corrugated cardboard, packing paper, styrofoam peanut, bubble wrap and bag of "air" that reaches our facility. Corrugated that cannot be reused is recycled at our local drop-off. We purchase as little new material as necessary, and only buy biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts in order to reduce our landfill volume. And inter-office waste? Every glass bottle, plastic jar, and piece of waste paper is put to reuse as blending bottle, paperclip container and scratch paper.

  • Purchase supplies from other small or local businesses. At least 80% of our suppliers are family or woman-owned startups specialising in personalised service and hand-selected, quality goods. Our packaging and chemical purchases are within a 60 mile radius of our headquarters. We gratefully patronise these vendours who continue to make a wider range of supplies and raw materials available.

  • Collaborate with freelance artists. To date, our best and brightest projects have been the result of united efforts with individuals - perfumers, authors, photographers, graphic designers, and passionate creators. This versatility, and wealth of creative approaches continues to earmark our projects with the independent spirit we hold so dear.

Moving forward, we hope to continue working with creative minds, to source more supplies ever closer to home, and find ways to positively impact individuals with our purchases.