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Perfume Oils

The word "perfume" is derived from the Latin phrase "through smoke." It's a fitting description for something so elusive, so volatile, that it can only convey its gift by literally going up in smoke.

We've bottled the ephemeral by way of an Extrait: a 29% concentration of aromatics in a carrier blend of long lasting vegetable oils* with a silken afterfeel. Like the same scents you've come to love in our body collection, our Extrait exploits a variety of synthetic aroma chemicals, essential oils, plant resins, infusions, extracts and absolutes.

Historically, the ampoule has held the blood of martyrs, anointing oils, and medicinal solutions. We have misappropriated the delicate vials to hold our equally precious Extrait, and carefully accented each stoppered bottle with our hand-stamped monogram and a weathered copper skull. Ampoules, like fragrance, must be broken to deliver their precious contents. While we advise against breaking the necks of our ampoules, we find the symmetry of function deeply appealing.

To Use: With a gentle twist, remove the stopper and apply the clinging droplets to your pulse points: your inner wrists, just below your ears, just over your heart. To apply a larger drop, press the mouth of the ampoule to your inner wrist or index finger and up-end briefly.

Our perfume extrait has a PAO of 6 months, at which point it will age nicely, but be noticeably changed.

*Asphyxiate is the single exception to this rule as the heavily resinous blend is only soluble in perfumer's alcohol.

Please Note: We are rennovating our Extrait packaging, and a great many blends are currently out of stock. We hope to restock them soon.