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The Social Butterfly

The best thing about being a small e-based business is the customers. We love what we do as much as you do, and between e-tools, community based reviews, and a CEO working the customer service desk, we're in a better position than most to cultivate ongoing relationships with our fan base. So we invite you to add us to your favourite networks, and continue the conversation! Find us on:

  • Facebook - Become a fan and scope out the sneak peeks, reviews and exclusive events!

  • Twitter - Not the official biz-feed, but Brooke's sporadic commentary on soapmaking, fragrance blending and the flotsam and jetsam of life with cats.

  • Livejournal - A fan-modded LJ Comm that gets our official stamp o' approval.

  • Kaboodle - Comprehensive wishlist action!

  • Polyvore - Add the perfect Victorian touch to your steamy sets.

  • Instagram - Instagram. Cats. Soap. Etc.

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